About me

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a passion for science and philosophy. My studio practice involves the art of cutting and sculpting paper, transforming 2 dimensional materials into 3 dimensional structures. This material allows me to express certain properties of physics, particularly the idea of negative and positive attributes in a warped space.


In 2016, I started to experiment with different kinds of paper, to test different ways of manipulating it.  I also studied different kinds of cuts to make on the paper. Industrial Tyvek paper was a great fit for me because it allows for clean cuts, while being durable enough to be curved into a three-dimensional shape without losing its delicacy. I learned to push the material's inherent properties and understand the importance of light and shadow within the work. Since light is an elemental part of physics, I want to include its properties as part of my artwork. Creating these pieces is a meditative experience. The details build into the whole.  By surgically removing certain pieces one by one from a two dimensional surface, I want to express how the presence and absence of information can create harmony and conflict with each other.

Location, lighting and the viewer's perspective have a huge role to play in my approach to install the work.  I attach small ceiling hooks and thread multiple nylon wires through them. Then I individually place hand-cut pieces through the wire and knot them, pushing and pulling to create a definite shape. Arranging, interrelating, transforming and lighting the individual pieces is done with the objective of creating an immersive environment for the viewer to enter and explore.


I take complex ideas from physics, build stories around them and present them in a visual art form. For the past two years, I have explored the relationship between intuitive and non-intuitive learning. Specifically, I have focused on quantum and cosmic physics where the behavior of matter and energy is counter-intuitive. In my work, I try to draw a parallel between the laws of physics and how they often seem illogical to the way most of us experience the world. I compare our lack of understanding of certain aspects of universal truth because they defy our logic to the blurring of truth in our political, social and economic lives.

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